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Slime-forming bacteria SLYM Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) Kit

Making a definitive diagnosis as to the presence of iron-related bacteria within a water well, pipeline etc. can be difficult. Which is why we are proud to offer a patented Biological Activity Reaction (BART) Test kit specifically designed to detect the presence of Slime-forming bacteria (SLYM).

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Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) for Slime-forming Organisms SLYM

We are proud to offer a definitive test for the detecting Slime-forming bacteria with our Biological Activity Reaction (BART) Testing kit.

SLYM-BARTs can be used as a P/A test capable of indicating to some extent the possible population size and the types of slime-forming organisms present in the water sample. Slime-forming bacteria are able to produce copious amounts of slime without necessarily having to use any iron. Iron bacteria also produce slime but usually it is thinner and involves the accumulation of various forms of iron.

Slime-forming bacteria generally produce the thickest slime formations under aerobic (oxidative) conditions, which develop around the floating ball. Growth may be recognized as a cloudy or gel-like growth, which can be localized or occur throughout the sample. These growths are usually white, grey, yellow, or beige in color and can darken over time.