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Renaissance Golf Club Scotland UK – BoreSaver Ultra C Pro Case Study

The Renaissance Golf Club, on Scotland’s Firth of Forth, boasts an 18-hole golf course, three academy holes and impressive clubhouse. With a worldwide membership, the private members club hosts events including the Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Opens 2019 & 2020. For essential irrigation, the course relies solely on one main borehole and in 2017-2018, Paul and his team realised they had a problem: “The amount of water from the borehole had reduced significantly, instead of the 24 cubic metres an hour required, it was nearer 12 cubic metres and we worried it was drying up.”

Paul worked with irrigation systems specialists M J Abbott, who removed the pumping equipment, and Bryn Ager at Treewaters Control Systems, who carried out a downhole camera survey.

Bryn says: “The borehole casings were badly blocked due to the growth of iron-related bacteria. We used BoreSaver Ultra C PRO, took regular water samples and performed a further camera survey which allowed us to see the borehole was now clear of contamination. Once it was up and running again, it was back to producing 24-25 cubic metres of water an hour, over double what they had before.”

Client:The Renaissance Golf Club
Location:East Lothian, Scotland
Product:BoreSaver Ultra C ProR-CAM 1000 XLT borehole Camera
Project Description:Treating a borehole blockage at the Renaissance golf club caused by iron related bacteria
Keywords:Golf course, boreholes, well, reduced water flow, BoreSaver, iron related bacteria

Paul Seago, Head Superintendent, is in charge of the Club’s greenkeeping team. He says: “The borehole is at the heart of our irrigation system but because it is below ground no-one sees it. When those first images came back from the downhole camera, it made sense because we could identify what was going on.

“Once the BoreSaver had worked its magic and we saw the post-treatment camera images the difference was like night and day.”