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BoreSaver IKL Pro

Removes calcium carbonate and related deposits.

BoreSaver IKL Pro is a borehole cleaning, well rehabilitation and water supply treatment. It completely removes calcium carbonate and related deposits.

Calcium carbonate (Limescale)
Manganese oxide

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BoreSaver IKL Pro completely removes calcium carbonate (lime scale) and related minerals.

IKL Pro is effective for combination problems where iron and/or manganese oxide deposits are also present. It is also ideal in situations where high levels of manganese oxide deposits only are present.

Safe, easy to use and fast acting, in just 24 hours IKL Pro will:

  • remove all deposits and contamination
  • improve water quality
  • increase water flow
  • extend the life of pumps and equipment

IKL Pro is a specially formulated proprietary chemical blend of acids with a non-ionic surfactant which promotes emulsions.

Supplied as a liquid concentrate, IKL Pro can be added directly to the water supply without dismantling the pump and associated equipment.

How to Recognise the Problem

Any of the following symptoms could indicate a problem with calcium carbonate contamination

  • Reduced water flow from the bore
  • A distinct white powder or stone deposit, more layer than iron oxide deposits
  • Iron oxide could also be presented indicated by a rust coloured calcification
  • Blackish-brown deposits indicates the presence of manganese oxide

Did you know?

  • Calcium carbonate is a common chemical compound substance found in rock in all parts of the world and is usually the principal cause of hard water.
  • Hard water causes scaling, which is the left-over mineral deposits that are formed after the hard water has evaporated and is known as limescale.
  • For water extractors, excessive calcium carbonate can clog pipes and pumps and restrict water production.
  • Across the water industry, water hardness must be constantly monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in pumping and associated equipment.

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